Brad Murphree

I have practically grown up at Murphree’s. I have been here since I was born. I started working Summers at the age of 15 and came on full time after high school and became an owner in 2010.

I truly enjoy the daily routine, interacting with customers and helping them find what they are looking for. And also offer information and advise.

Working at Murphree’s isn’t a job, it is the life I love.

Gene Murphree

Back in the Summer of 1976, I started out selling fruits and vegetables out of my truck. I quickly grew to love the business. My father worked at a grocery store produce section. In the Spring of 1978 I found this location and started out basically as a small fruit and vegetable stand. My son Brad took his first step here. With so many loyal customers that have stayed with us so many years, I truly feel blessed.

This line of business comes with many challenges. One being not knowing what will be available in any given season. However, I would rather be without a particular fruit than put out a poor quality product.

We want to be part of the community and be here for our customers with a fair price and make them feel like family.

Kathy Murphree

I had an offce job for about 10 years and started working at Murphree’s in 1986.

My son Brad was born in 1987 and we set up a nursery in the back of the store. Many of our customers have watched him grow. Some held and played with him. I remember putting him in apple boxes for him to play in.

It is a joy to see happy, satisfied customers come back time and time again.